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Overview Of Guiyang
2018-09-27   Source:Guiyang China


  Guiyang,the capital city of Guizhou province,covers anarea of 8,034sq km,The city derived its name from a locationon the sunny side of Mount Guishan,Guiyang is also knownas‘Zhu’for short because the city was rich in bambooin ancient times.Guiyang is a provincial center of politics,economy,science,education and culture.Having six districts ofYunyan,Nanming,Huaxi,Wudang,Baiyun and Guanshanhu,Guiyang also has three counties of Xiuwen,Xifeng and Kaiyang,and city of Qingzhen.There are four national development zones--Guiyang National High and New Technology IndustrialDevelopment Zone,Guiyang Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone,and Guiyang Comprehensive Bounded AreaShuanglong Airport Economic Zone.Under the jurisdiction ofthe city are 46 towns including 18 ethnic autonomous towns,31townships and 90 new-type community service centers,with apopulation of 4.7218 million.
  Guiyang has cool climate,suitable height,rich resourcesand easy transport,and is a land hub and a conjunction forthe sea in Southwest China.Since 2013,with the support fromthe provincial party committee and the provincial government,Guiyang has implemented the strategy of development drivenby innovation,aiming at the growth of hi-and-new industry,modern manufacturing,high-end service sector and ecologicalagriculture.
  Insisting on ecological development and exploring a win-win road for sustained development of underdeveloped citiesin the Western regions of China,Guiyang will,from a new startpoint,become a central city of innovation,turn into a big-datapilot area,a national eco-civilization demonstration city and anoverall higher-level comfortable society.