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Go and Have a Feast at Grandma Bridge
2009-09-25 14:33   

  Row and row, we row our boat to the Grandma Bridge

  Where we will find a great number of dainties

  Watching the movie Grandma Bridge again, I remember my all my winter holidays spent with my grandma when I was young. When preparing dishes, my grandma used a great deal of salt and pepper so the dishes tasted fragrant and crisp. My grandma has been a housewife all her life, but we, her grandchildren seldom pay visits to her and chat with her because we are always busy with our work.

  The Spring Festival is drawing near. You may remember those great times at your grandmas home, and sing a ballad about grandma: row and row, we row out boat to Grandma Bridge, and grandma buys and fries a fish. When the fish tail is burned, its head is still rare …

  Today, we can go to the Grandma Bridge Wine and Food Workshop where scrumptious New Year's Eve family dinner is ready, expecting you and your family and friends to taste nice food like that prepared by your grandma and go back to those naïve days of childhood.

  Grandma Bridge Wine and Food Workshop

  Telephone for booking: 0851-85842111

  Address: 122 Dusi Road, Guiyang (near Yizhong Bridge)

  Smart Grandma Fashionable Restaurant

  Telephone for booking: 0851-85860288 85860388

    Address: Floor 2, Building E, Yangming Road, Guiyang (near Causeway Bay)