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Hedu Rotating Sushi Brings About Health
2009-09-24 14:33   

  Hedu Rotating Sushi began its operation in Guiyang. Located at No. 4, Building 5, Jinsha Garden, Gongyuan North Road, Guiyang, Hedu Rotating Sushi Store has an operation area over 200m2, able to entertain nearly 100 guests to enjoy delicious Japanese sushi together.

  Upon entering Hedu Rotating Sushi Store, you will see plate after plate of sushi come to you in turn. You reach for your favorable sushi from the conveyor belt. The prices of sushi are differentiated via the plate color, and tasteful sushi ranges from RMB3.9 and RMB5.9 up to the highest RMB 18.9. Sushi is an environment-friendly healthy food. You may savor the reasonably priced rotating sushi leisurely at Hedu Rotating Sushi Store. Sushi is not only a kind of food but an exquisite artwork. You will surely gain appetite when you see its fine shape, harmonious colors and innovative composition. Hedu Rotating Sushi offers you various tastes and fresh flavor. Your experience of delicacy will be enriched by this kind of sushi because it is carefully prepared with all kinds of refined food materials like fresh fish and shrimps.

  Come to Hedu and you are immersed in strong modern Japanese style from tidy costume of the shop assistants and little tea cups on the dinner table, which are of particular Japanese appeal. Another reason that makes it more worth visiting here is, besides savoring the fine food, you may take a look at how the chefs prepare sushi with their brilliant craftwork in person. Aren’t you attracted by such great food? Why not come to Hedu Rotating Sushi Store and enjoy sushi to your heart’s content right now?

  Telephone for booking: 0851-85288811 85288822 85283339

  Address: Gongyuan North Road, Guiyang (go ahead 9 meters when reaching Yawen Yushi Restaurant)