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Authentic Guizhou Taste Found in the Old Kaili Sour-Soup-Fish Restaurant
2009-08-12 14:35   

  The restaurant called the Old Kaili Sour-Soup-Fish is located in the Forest City--Guiyang, which is the capital city of Guizhou province. It is one of the famous catering enterprises in Guizhou province. In 1993, Old Kaili was founded by seven or eight people, but now it has turned into a large sized catering enterprise with five branches including the Yanwu Street Principal, Shengfu Road Branch, Little Fish Branch on Guanshui Road, Longdongbao Branch, Duyun Branch and employs more than 500 staff, providing tasty enjoyment and excellent service for over 4000 customers daily. After 14 years of continuous development, it has expanded from originally over 60 square meters’ business area to a total of over 10000 square meters’ business area.

  Characteristic hotpot:

  Sour-soup fish

  Two-jin fish, one-pot soup.

  Several friends share it together.

  Several glasses of rice-wine lubricate our throat and stomach.

  Surrounding the dining table, appreciating the boiling soup,

  Feeling intoxicated, smiling at the boiled fish.

  Although it is not rare and special taste,

  It is the only tasty dish for the warm-hearted people.

  Old Kaili Sour-Soup-Fish( fresh fish cooked in acid soup) is one of the famous dishes for Miao people in Guizhou province. Being originating in the southeastern area in Guizhou, the raw materials for cooking sour soup are attained from the clean mountain area. The soup, fermented biologically and naturally, is a kind of health food. There are some acid elements in the fermented type of sour soup in Miao Minority area in Guizhou, such as lactic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid. And the content of lactic acid is very rich, which is very typical of the sour soup of Guizhou Miao Minority. Additionally, there are rich alkaline elements in the soup, such as Ca, Fe, as well as rich alkaline element P. In conclusion, eating sour-soup fish can maintain the balance between acid and alkali in our body and nutrition, which is helpful to our health.

  According to the ancient method of making sour sauce by Miao people in Guizhou, with the continuous exploring, research, sorting and development of the characteristic dining culture of Guizhou minorities, making use of modern biological technology, the restaurant “Old Kaili sour-soup-fish” has cultivated and produced the sour-soup hotpot with distinct Miao characteristics and natural and pure taste. Authentic old Kaili acid soup plus fresh wild fish makes a delicious dish with rich juice, fresh taste and tender fish. It is tasty and refreshing, and it can stimulate appetite and promote digestion.

  In order to enrich the feature of authentic acid soup in Guizhou, Old Kaili Restaurant has produced a series of sour-soup delicious hotpot such as sour-soup hoofs, sour-soup spareribs, sour-soup assorted dish and sour-soup animal belly.

  The best match for hotpots

  Millet Loaf

  Sweet white sugar,

  A handful of millet rice,

  Three layers of streaky meat,

  It just looks like a round moon after being steamed.

  It is sweet, soft and slippery, making people drool.

  It is a very good dish used to entertain guests.

  The shape of round moon symbolizes auspiciousness.

  It can bring happiness to us year after year.

  Salted-vegetable meat

  Layers of streaky meat,

  Look just like the mountains in cold autumn.

  The old salted vegetable strewn at random,

  The meat is piled on top of the salted vegetable.

  The fat is crisp and the lean is sweet.

  Salted vegetable’s taste is very special.

  The meat and the salted vegetable complement each other perfectly when cooked together.

  And the flavor is even better than the Dongpo meat.

  Additionally, there are also many other delicious dishes which can be good matches for the hotpot such as chicken-blood bean curd, salted bacon and steamed yellow rice cake.

  Yanwu Street Flag-ship Store

  TEL: 0851-86831902

    Address:No. 23, Yanwu Street, Guiyang City (near the Beijing Hualian Supermarket)

  Shengfu Road Branch:

  TEL: 0851-85843665

  Address: No. 55, Shengfu Road, Guiyang City

  The Airport Branch:

  TEL: 0851-85407259

  Address: near the Yunguan Toll Station, Guiyang City