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Nanjiang Grand Canyon
2009-09-25 15:45   


  Located in the middle of Guizhou, the Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone is 39km from Xintian Village of Guiyang and 19km from Kaiyang County Town. It was one of the “Eight Attractions of Guiyang” chosen by experts and the public in 2006. The Nanjiang Grand Canyon is known as “the World Karst Ecology Museum”. Featuring grand karst canyon scenery, diverse waterfall groups and outstanding ecology, the Canyon has numerous steep mountains on both banks, making the river valley beautiful and forbidden. It is an integration of mountains, waters, cliffs, forests, stone, peaks, creeks, springs, waterfalls and trees. The Canyon is precipitous, beautiful and wild with all kinds of scenery, thus possessing brilliant aesthetic and scientific value. Steep river valley, complicated terrace, many waterfalls, grotesque rocks and excellent ecology constitute unique beauty of the Canyon. The precipice with vertical height difference of over 100m is, under operation of rainwater, like natural landscape paintings. Huge rocks fallen into the river valley are, corroded and washed by water for millions of years, various in shape, boasting aesthetic features, uniqueness of limestone, quite unfathomable. Within the scenic zone live the Buyi, Miao and other ethnic groups with exotic folk customs and cultures, adding a lively human flavor to the zone.

The food offered at Nanjiang Grand Canyon absorbs the Guizhou food’s characteristics of “hotness, sourness and freshness, rich fragrance and mellow taste”. Besides, the scenic zone is within Kaiyang County renowned as “land of produce containing rich selenium of China”, so the food made of selenium-rich produce is the best choice for tourists. The surrounding farmers produce native chickens and their eggs, native pigs, various potherbs and little fish of the Nanjiang River, which will enable tourists to have ecologically beneficial food.

The hotels of Nanjiang Grand Canyon are all surrounded by green mountains and graceful environment and offer luxury, intermediate and general accommodation facilities. There are Tiziyan Resort, Buyi Village and Luoguchong Resort available for your choice, and warm and nice service is ensured. 

The tickets of the Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone are divided into sightseeing tickets and drifting tickets. The sightseeing ticket is priced RMB68/person covering costs of taking battery carts, powerboats, etc. in peak seasons. The leisure drifting ticket is priced RMB148/person (5km) and the exciting drifting ticket RMB168/person (8km). Students and senior citizens are entitled to preferential treatments.

The Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone owns convenient traffic conditions. It is only 39km from Xintian Village of Guiyang to the scenic zone along Guikai (Guiyang – Kaiyang) high-grade highway, only 19km from Kaiyang County, 51km from Longdongpu Airport of Guiyang, all being within one-hour’s ride. All bus stations in Guiyang have regular buses bound for Longguangqiao. You may also drive your car to enter the Guikai high-grade highway at Wudang, Guiyang, then exit at Nanjiang Station, and you will reach the scenic zone.


  The Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone has leisure programs available, such as folk song and dance performances, campfire parties, barbecue, KTV, card rooms (equipped with automatic mahjong machines), tea houses, archery, floating resort, sauna, pediluvium, etc.