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Huaxi Park
2009-08-17 15:49   

  Seventeen kilometers away from Guiyang City lies an exceptionally beautiful, comfortable and clean park. That is the Huaxi Parkwell known in Guizhou Province. Located in the suburbs of the city, away from the noise and the shining neon in town, it is very serene and fresh, making it the ideal leisure place for the people who are busy working in the metropolitan. In the meantime, the serenity of the park has attracted a lot of visitors and political leaders from home and abroad who have left poems and inscriptions. Among them, General Chen Yi’s poem is particularly plain and sincere, which reads as the following:

  Real mountains and rivers can be seen everywhere,

  The layout of Huaxi is more natural.

  Ten miles of the river beach looks like a shining mirror,

  Flowerbeds and farming fields can be seen anywhere.

  The scenery in Huaxi Park is unfolded with Kylin Hill, Phoenix Hill, Turtle Hill and Snake Hill as the focuses.

  Kylin Hill is the main peak of the park, which looks like a fierce kylin, covered with green trees and making great noise to the sky. So the hill has the reputation of “clouds surrounding blue Kylin Hill”. By way of zigzag stone path, we can reach the half way of the hill and find a natural stone cave called “Flying Cloud Cave”. The Flying Cloud Pavilion outside the cave can be a place for visitors to have a rest and to view the scenery on top of lofty cliff. The top of the hill, the lofty cliff and the precipice look like cragged kylin horns. The Leaning-against-the-sky Pavilion on top of the hill has the vigorous momentum. It is very tall and straight, leaning against the hill and pointing to the sky. On top of the Kylin Hill, we can have a panoramic view of the whole beautiful landscape of the whole park, which gives us a feeling of flying in the sky and other hills becoming smaller.

  Phoenix Hill is located in the flat ground among the fields, flowerbeds and paths. On top of the hill you can see the villages and alleys creeping in the flowers and fields just like white snakes and dancing dragons. Turtle Hill looks like an old man crawling in the park. There is a pavilion with the couplet “The hill extends from the west, the river flows to the east”, which can be a quiet place for visitors to get away from the clamor. The Jade-chess Pavilion on the left of the hill can still be seen from far away. The bridge over the dam is on the right of the hill, looking just like extending arms to shake hands with visitors and say farewell. Snake Hill corresponds to Turtle Hill from far away. Winding shape of the hill presents three small peaks. There are Cypress Pavilion, Snake Hill Pavilion and Viewing-falls Pavilion on top of the left peak, the middle one and the right one respectively. And the hill is connected to Turtle Hill at the bridge over the dam.

  In the inner part of the park, there is the famous bridge called Hundred Pace Bridge. It is constructed by putting stones in the water which winds far away. When torrent current comes in summer, walking on the hundred-pace-bridge is just like the fairies in the novel Journey to the West stepping on the waves. We really come by stepping on the waves and leave by chasing the waves.

  Continue to walk for a moment and you can reach the most exciting place in the park, Golden Avenue, which is a long road with hills on the left and a river on the right. There are orderly oriental plane trees on both sides of the road. When fall comes, the leaves of the plane trees become golden and fall onto the ground. Even after visitors return home, they still cannot forget the avenue which looks like being covered with gold. After all, everybody loves gold.

   Huaxi is the mansion of hills and the world of pavilions. Even more, it is the shrine for the sweet and beautiful special flowers and grasses and the converging place for the brooks and streams. In March, the swarms of butterflies and blooming flowers make visitors feel overwhelmed. This feeling can be described by this line of poem, “The coming butterflies make wind cool and interesting, the brook flows away with figures left on the water surface”.

  Travelling Tips:

  1. When arriving at Huaxi, don’t forget to taste the Mr. Wang’s beef rice noodles. You can find the restaurant near Gate 2 of the park. There are different kinds of snacks in the park such as rolled rice noodles and Qingyan tofu cube. You had better eat them in the restaurants near the entrance of the park because they have diversified and delicious snacks. In the restaurants you can still find such food as Qingyan stewed pig feet and chili sauce with chicken in it. You can also eat such food before farmhouses as chicken-bowel hotpot and Huaxi boiled goose meat.

  2. Bicycles can be rented by the Huaxi River, ten yuan for each. There are three kinds of bike: single, double and triple. You can ride them on the ally in the park, and you’d better not ride them on the highway. You can also ride a horse for 15 yuan per hour and row a boat on the Huaxi River.

  3. The ticket for the Huaxi scenic spot is five yuan a person. The ticket for the tourist flower meeting is 30 yuan a person.

  4. Don’t forget this point: the Huaxi chili is the most famous food.