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Guiyang-Switzerland Investment Matchmaking Conference held in Zurich
2018-09-26 09:11   Source:Guiyang China

  On 17th September, Guiyang-Switzerland Investment Matchmaking Conference themed with “investment, innovation, win-win” was held by Guiyang Municipal People’s Government, co-hosted by the Department of Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Economy of Switzerland, Swiss Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, and Greater Zurich Economic Development Agency in Zurich. During the conference presided over by the Secretary-General of Guiyang Municipal People’s Government Liu Benli, the mayor of Guiyang Municipal People’s Government Chen Yan made an investment promotion presentation, and Consulate-General of China in Zurich Zhao Qinghua, Deputy Director of the Department of Asian Affairs of Ministry of Economy of Switzerland Rosenberger, the former mayor of Zurich Wagner, CEO of Switzerland Innovation Park Mr. Cron delivered remarks.


(贵阳市市长陈晏作招商推介Chen Yan Mayor of Guiyang Municipal Government)

  (中国驻苏黎世总领事赵清华致辞Zhao Qinghua Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China to Zurich)

  (签约仪式Signing Ceremony)

        The conference, aimed at building Guiyang into an advanced manufacturing center in western China, cooperating with Switzerland for high-quality resources, facilitating the establishment of Swiss (Guizhou) Industrial park, developing the real economy into next level and supporting the city's development, has gathered the mayor of Guiyang, representatives from Swiss government institutes, business associates and investment promotion institutes, people from industrial commercial and financial industries as well as more than 50 local multinational and investment enterprises.
  At the conference, Mayor Chen Yan introduced Guiyang's location advantages, industrial foundation, business environment and the development of its real economy. He said that Guiyang is a city with abundant natural resources, boasting of over 50 types of mineral resources including coal, iron, silicon, aluminum and phosphorus and more than 1993 types of Chinese herbal medicines which accounts for 42% of the province's. As a transportation hub for western China, Guiyang is a city with convenient transportation, equipped with an integrated modern transportation system of highways, railways, high speed rails and airlines. Guiyang is a city with mature industrial foundation whose big data industry represents the nation’s leading level, and where traditional industries are going through transformation and upgrading, and emerging industries are seeing significant growth. The city has also doubled its effort to build five industrial clusters of 100-billion worth enterprises, covering the areas of civil-military integration, automobile manufacturing, aluminum and aluminum fabrication, medicine and food, and phosphorus, coal and chemical industries. Guiyang is a city with desirable talent. With an annual net population inflow of more than 100,000 people, the city is becoming the top destination for talent from different industries to seek innovation and entrepreneurship. Guiyang is an entrepreneurial city with preferential policies. The government has published a number of investment-friendly policies covering areas that range from land, capital, tax and talent, in a bid to facilitate enterprises’ growth and development. Guiyang is also a business city with favorable environment. Through the implementation of high efficient government service model, the processing time for engineering construction projects has been shortened to 100 workdays, which is part of its effort to develop into a city with the nation’s best government service.
  Chen Yan also noted that, Guiyang, Guizhou and Zurich, Switzerland have a lot to offer to each other in terms of natural resources, industrial development and cooperation and communication. He hopes that both sides will have deeper cooperation in areas like advanced manufacturing, commercial and financial, big data, cultural tourism, and ecological environmental protection. He would like to sincerely invite entrepreneurs from Zurich and other cities of Switzerland to visit beautiful Guiyang to go sightseeing, spend vacations, make investment or start a business there.
  Zhao Qinghua, Consulate-General of China in Zurich said that in recent years, Guizhou and Switzerland have been closely related and have achieved remarkable cooperation in the fields of economic and trade investment, industrial development, environmental protection and human exchange.Guiyang and Switzerland have beautiful mountains, hardworking people and open and tolerant mind, I believe that the future exchanges and cooperation will continue to deepen, to consolidate Sino-Swiss friendly relations to make a positive contribution.The Consulate General of China in Zurich and the Principality of Liechtenstein will continue to be concerned about supporting the development of Guiyang, Guizhou .
  Rosenberger and Wagner said that China and Swiss have frequent high-level exchanges, strong political trust and close cooperation in trade, and Sino-Swiss relations have become a model for developing friendly cooperation between different social systems, different stages of development and countries of different sizes. It is hoped that the two counties will carry out more practical cooperation in the fields of tourism, ecology and industry, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.
  Mr. Cron, CEO of Swiss Innovation Park expressed that it’s hoped to strengthen the communication and exchanges in various fields with Guiyang, and to make innovation cooperation to implement, so as to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and development.
  At the conference, the government of Guiyang signed strategic memorandum of understanding with Dow, one of the World’s top 500 enterprises; Guiyang Free Trade Zone signed cooperation agreement with Swiss Montreux Anti-Aging Research Center and Guizhou Limacon Hospital; and Guiyang Tourism and Development Committee signed tourism cultural strategic memorandum of understanding with Switzerland’s Berne Tourism and tourism talent development strategic memorandum of understanding with Swiss Hotel Trade School in Lucerne.