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Korean version of the book "block data 2.0" released in Guiyang
2019-01-29 09:11   Source:Guiyang China

  The Korean version of the book Kuaishujyu 2.0 ("block data 2.0"), part of the Kuaishujyu series on big data development theories, was released in Guiyang, Beijing, South Korea, Japan and the United States on Jan 28.
  The English, Japanese and traditional Chinese versions of the book have been issued worldwide, suggesting that big data theories have gained international influence.
  The book explains the necessity of transferring big data to block data, as well as the influence of block data on social structure, economic functions, organizational models, and values.
  The fifth anniversary of the Guiyang Institute for Innovation-Driven Development Strategy was also held at the publication ceremony, showcasing the institute's achievements over the past five years.
  The institute focuses on Guiyang's strategies to promote the sustainable development of the city. It focuses on strategies for environment protection, innovation, cultural development and opening-up, and its theories enjoy strong influence at home and abroad.
  The institute first proposed the idea of the Guiyang Index, a comprehensive, data-driven evaluation system for summer tourism cities.
  It also incorporated big data technology into government to promote the modernization of administration and management techniques. The cloud products developed by the institute cover law enforcement, Party building, social development and other areas of governance. These are the latest results of innovation in big data.