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Guizhou Tyre Co improves the products & develops the international market
2019-03-06 15:29   Source:Guiyang China

  As it continues to upgrade and improve its equipment and products, Guizhou Tyre Co is expanding its markets by setting up production bases at home and abroad.
  Located in the Zhazuo Industrial Park in Xiuwen county of Guiyang, one of the company's development and production bases covers 153.33 hectares and produces 2,000 types of tires that are widely applied to special vehicles for agriculture, mines and as well as desert-specific equipment.
  Liao Chengchen, 46, is one of the company's workers in charge of equipment maintenance.
  "With increasing demand for tire production, electronic equipment should also be improved," Liao said.
  Power supply is crucial for production, he explained, adding that sufficient supply of power is the guarantee of yield and quality.
  In 2018, the company made great achievements in both production and sales, Liao said, noting that this was closely related to its technological transformation and innovation.
  Data from the company shows that its production capacity has increased about 30 percent after this transformation, producing more than 5.68 million sets of tires last year.
  With a philosophy focusing on improving quality and developing distinctive products, the company has steadfastly upgraded its technology.
  In the early 1990s, the company introduced advanced and scientific research and testing equipment from countries such as the United States and Germany to upgrade its products.
  When the company was founded in 1958, it could only produce 30,000 small-sized tires annually and a small quantity of other rubber products. With 60 years of development, now it has the capability to produce more than 5 million sets of tires annually.
  In recent years, the company has gradually implemented a transformation toward intelligent production through the use of big data and other smart technologies.
  It has also improved its management level aligned to international standards to push the company toward high-quality development.
  One of the leaders in tire production in the country, Guizhou Tyre has sold its products in such varied regions as North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.
  In response to the Belt and Road Initiative, the company has invested a total of $400 million into establishing an overseas base in Vietnam, part of its push to explore overseas markets.
  Setting up the base in Vietnam is conducive to reducing operational costs, especially for exports of original material and products, thanks to the country's abundant human resources and energy, said an executive of the company.
  The base is expected to be put into operation this year, he said.
  In December, the Guiyang city government issued a document declaring its intention to improve its level of opening-up through promoting the globalization of its real economy.
  To this end, the company will accelerate the implementation of its strategy to build bases and develop in overseas markets.