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Guiyang 50 key enterprises equipped with one-on-one personnel talent service
2019-06-16 09:17   Source:Guiyang China

  According to Guiyang talents service center in Guizhou province on June 13, 50 key enterprises in Guiyang will be equipped with one-on-one talent service specialists.
  The service aims to improve the business environment for high-tech companies with stable operation, standard internal management mechanisms and a large demand for talents.
  The talent service specialists will be trained to be familiar with the companies' basic information and demand to propose targeted suggestions. The companies will receive services such as the allocation of basic talents, help in the search for high-level talents, talent policy promotion and consultation on internships.
  The specialists will also collect advice and requirements to train and introduce talents in various ways, and learn from experience and practice to make services more efficient.
  Guiyang wishes to help companies become familiar with preferential talent policies and solve the shortage of talents for these companies, with a special focus on those in medium and high end manufacturing and consumer industries.