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Guiyang direct flight to Lugu Lake opened
2019-06-28 16:47   Source:Guiyang China

  A direct flight from the capital city of Guiyang, Guizhou province to the resort of Lugu Lake, Yunnan province has opened on June 25. Yunnan-based Xiangpeng Airlines is set to begin the route three times a week, offering them on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  The one-way flight lasts for 1 hour and 25 minutes. It departs from Ninglang Luguhu Airport at 11:30 am and arrives at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport at 12:55 pm. The return flight departs from Guiyang at 1:45 pm and arrives at Ninglang Luguhu Airport at 3:10 pm.
  The Guiyang-Luguhu flight is the fourth direct flight route opened at Ninglang Luguhu Airport. Due to the convenience of the direct flight, passengers in Guizhou no longer need to transfer to other cities to go to Lugu Lake, which meant that the trip previously took at least five hours.
  With more flight routes opened at Ninglang Luguhu Airport, tourists from all over the world are able to enjoy the natural scenery and rich culture of Lugu Lake Scenic Area more conveniently.
  Located in northern Yunnan province near the border of Sichuan province, Lugu Lake Scenic Area is a national 4A-level scenic spot, as well as an important part of Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area. Lugu Lake Scenic Area has different varieties of tourism resources and 52 scenic spots in total.