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A Welcome Speech by the Mayor
2018-03-27   Source:Guiyang China

  Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province with a total population of 3.5 million. Guiyang is not only the political, economic, scientific, technological, educational, cultural center in the province, but also an important transportation and communications hub in southwestern China. Guiyang is a comprehensive industrial base that taking good advantage of resources development.

  Guiyang is a Forest City as well as a recreation resort. You can find beautiful natural sceneries, such as forests and mountains in the city, holes in the mountains, lakes in the holes. The lakes blend with mountains and the natural landscapes with the cultural sites and simple ethnic customs so wonderfully that each supplements and enriches the other.

  Guiyang enjoys the good reputation as: There is paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth, but the most suitable city for habitaition is Guiyang."

  Guiyang received several honorary titles as follows: National Hygiene Excellent city, National Model City for Supporting Army, National Excellent City of Civilization Construction, China Excellent City of Tourism,  National Afforestation City, Capital of Summer Resort in China as well as The First Forest City in China and The First Pilot City of Circular Economy in China.

  In today's world, with the growing trend of integration and  economic globalization, the links between the countries, regions and different kind of sectors are becoming closer and closer. And the internet, as a rapid worldwide information tool, are playing an increasingly important role. I believe our official site will become an express way and a vital cooperative platform for domestic and foreign friends to achieve friendly cooperation and mutual exchanges. The site can facilitate the process to publicize and expand Guiyang’s reputation and influence over the world, which will help to enhance the historic jumping development of its economy and society.

  Guiyang,a pearl in the plateau, releases its beautiful shines to the outside world. The city on the both sides of the Nanming River is full of business opportunities. Guiyang Municipal People's Government and her warm-hearted people enthusiastically welcome you to our website for knowing our traditions and seeking cooperative opportunities. The businessman from home and abroad are expected to make sightseeing, investigation and investment in Guiyang. We can discuss development plans together.

  You are welcome to Guiyang.