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General Survey

Guiyang Migration Development Administration
2009-08-10 14:13   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Migration Development Administration was founded in January, 2005 after being approved by Guiyang Institutional Establishment Committee in February, 2004. Its origin was the Guiyang Office for Emigration Management subordinate to Bureau of Guiyang National Land and Resources Bureau. It was upgraded to a county-level institution in March 2007. It consists of 4 offices, namely, General Office, Office for Planning and Arrangement, Office for Later Stage Support and Office for Policies and Rules. It’s a governmental institution and mainly in charge of the removal and resettlement of migrants and later stage support resulting from the development of large and medium-sized hydro-power construction project within its jurisdiction. The major responsibilities for Guiyang Migration Development Administration are as follows: upholding and implementing national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations related with emigration work; making plans concerning migrants’ resettlement and maintenance of reservoir areas; supervising and checking the implementation process of work in this respect; giving guidance to and coordinate migrants’ resettlement  work; inspecting the acceptance of migration construction projects upon completion; managing the migration budget and supervising its utilization; undertaking other duties assigned by the Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and departments at higher level.