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General Survey

Guiyang State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
2009-08-10 14:14   

Main Functions:

  1. Fulfill the duties as fund provider for the state-owned assets with the authorization of the Guiyang Municipal Government and under the Company Law of the People's Republic of China; analyze and take charge of the decision making of the assets restructuring, the changes and transfer of property rights and the assets disposal of the state-owned enterprises being supervised.

  2. Promote the construction of modern enterprise system and improve the administration structure in the supervised state-owned enterprises; inspect the development strategy and plan of the enterprises and offer guidance on their structural adjustment; study the policies and measures for the development of the enterprises, direct and promote their reform and reorganization; coordinate the work of transferring debt into share in the supervised enterprises and take charge of bankruptcy or closure of the enterprise.

  3. Formulate the regulations concerning state-owned assets administration in the supervised enterprises; supervise the value preservation and increment of the state-owned assets in enterprises, and enhance their management; take charge of the statistics and analysis on state-owned assets and financial final accounts and assess the performance of the enterprises; organize the verification of assets and capital and the cancel of assets loss after verification in the supervised enterprises; carry out budget management of the state-owned assets and the management of the profits and expenses of the supervised enterprises.

  4. Formulate the regulations on the property rights defining, registration, transfer, disposal and property rights disputes settlement of the state-owned assets in supervised enterprises and take charge of the affairs in this regard; verify the programs of the capital changes, the transfer of equities and bonds; verify and record the assets assessment projects of the enterprises; perform the functions of fund provider in major decision making of the supervised enterprises; supervise and standardize the transaction of property rights of state-owned assets.   

  5. Formulate and implement the state-owned assets management responsibility system and improve the system and supervise the invested enterprise; work out criteria for the assessment of the value preservation and increment of the state-owned assets and organize the implementation; safeguard the rights and interests of the state-owned assets fund provider; analyze and raise the proposals and measures to investigate responsibility for major decisions in the supervised enterprises.

  6. Regulate the overall level of wages and check the standard of the total wages of the supervised enterprises, the annual salary of the manager and the wages of the principals.

  7. Study the legal issues in the reform and development and offer legal consultation to the supervised enterprises.

  8. Prepare for the list of the state-owned enterprises which need boards of supervisors sent by the Municipal Government; send boards of supervisors to such enterprises on behalf of the Municipal Government; examine the supervisory reports and work on the daily administration of the boards.

  9. Recommend, examine, appoint, honor or punish the leadership of the enterprises according to their performance through legal procedure; establish an employment mechanism which conforms to the socialist market economy and modern enterprise system, and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for management.

  10. Undertake other issues delivered by the CPC Committee and the municipal government.