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General Survey

Guiyang Local Taxation Bureau
2009-08-10 14:15   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement national and provincial laws, guidelines, and policies and regulations on taxation. 

  2. Study, work out, formulate the taxation development planning and annual program of work of Guiyang Local Taxation Bureau and organize their implementation.

  3. Draft and assign local taxation plans and targets in accordance with the target set by the Provincial Taxation Bureau and the Municipal Government as well as the economic tax source, and organize their implementation.

  4. Be responsible for the collection and management of the following taxes (fees): corporate income tax, personal income tax, business tax, land value-added tax, urban and township land use tax, resources tax, property tax, stamp tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, vehicle and vessel use tax, education surcharge and other parts of the forthcoming introduction of taxes and fees; manage the plain invoice and other tax revenue tickets.

  5. Inspect the taxation law enforcement of tax authorities affiliated to the Guiyang Local Taxation Bureau at various levels .

  6. Be responsible for the plan and implementation of the information work of local taxation authorities; build and manage the information system.

  7. Study the theory and policies of taxation; analyze the information of taxation; master the dynamic trend of taxation and organize campaigns to enhance public awareness of tax laws.

  8. Be responsible for the funds and finance, basic construction, assets management, accounting and statistical work of local taxation authorities.  

  9. Be responsible for the work on the institutional establishment and size of local taxation authorities,  personnel affairs, labor wage, ideology and politics, discipline inspection and supervision, spiritual civilization construction, team construction and professional training, etc..

  10. Manage the foreign-related local taxation of Guiyang Local Taxation Bureau.

  11. Undertake other duties assigned by the Guizhou Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and Guiyang Municipal Government.