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General Survey

Guiyang Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce
2009-08-10 14:15   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement the state laws and regulations on administration of industry and commerce and fulfill the legal duty of the administration of industry and commerce; participate in the work of research, drafting and demonstration on local regulations, rules and policies on administration of industry and commerce.

  2.  Manage the registration of enterprises as well as the units and individuals engaged in economic activities in the administrative area; approve the name of the registered units in accordance with the law; approve and issue related certifications and licenses; supervise the managing behavior of the enterprises engaged in economic activities, partnership enterprises, sole proprietorship, private enterprises and individual business households; inspect and oversee foreign-invested enterprises(Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprises) as authorized by the State Industry and Commerce Administration and organize their registration .

  3. Inspect and monitor unfair competitions in the market; investigate and deal with trade monopoly, consumer right violation, trademark infringement  and trademark violations,  contract fraud and other contract violations and  false advertising as authorized by the Guizhou Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce; combat in accordance with law smuggling and sales of illegal goods in the field of circulation and investigate and deal with the economic practices that violate laws or regulations; inspect and oversee the trademark printing, advertisement management approval, issue and economic activities, the registration of real estate mortgage and the auctions; organize the recommendation work of well-known trademark and famous trademark.

  4. Implement the regulation, supervision and management of the order of various markets; maintain the order of the e-commerce market; supervise and manage broker and brokerage agencies; investigate and deal with acts of violating laws or regulations.

  5. Directly manage departments and detached office of industry and commerce administration at lower level.

  6Undertake other duties as assigned by the Guizhou Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce and Guiyang Municipal Government.