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General Survey

Guiyang State Taxation Bureau
2009-08-10 14:16   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement national laws, regulations and rules on taxation; study and formulate detailed enforcement measures for the city in the light of the actual circumstances in this area.  

  2. Study and formulate the taxation development planning and annual program of work in this system in accordance with the economic development planning in Guiyang.

  3. Draft, assign and Set local taxation plans and targets in accordance with the economic tax source in Guiyan area and the target set by the Guizhou Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and coordinate and examine their implementation.

  4. Be responsible for the collection, management and inspection of central tax, central-and-local tax and such kind of tax categories; be responsible for the management of the value added tax special invoice, the plain invoice and other tax revenue tickets.

  5. Be responsible for the supervision and inspection of the law enforcement of taxation of tax authorities; be responsible for the tax administrative penalty hearing, administrative reconsideration and lawsuit.

  6. Be responsible for the management of the import and export taxation and the foreign-related taxation.

  7. Be responsible for the accounting and statistical work of the taxation authorities.

  8. Be responsible for the management of the funds, finance, basic construction, assets management; be responsible for the audit and government procurement.

  9. Be responsible for the management of institutional establishment, size and personnel affairs in national taxation authorities and human resources.

  10. Be in charge of ideological and political work, culture and ethic cultivation and basic construction; take charge of education and training programs within the taxation agencies.

  11. Be responsible for the discipline inspection and supervision of the taxation agencies.

  12. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of tax informatization and modernization; construct and manage information system.

  13. Implement taxation policies, analyze taxation information; master the trend of taxation and organize campaigns to enhance public awareness of tax laws.

  14. Undertake other duties assigned by the Guizhou Provincial Bureau of State Taxation, Municipal Committee and Guiyang Municipal Government.