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General Survey

Guiyang Meteorological Bureau
2009-08-10 14:17   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Meteorological Bureau is subordinate to Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Bureau; meanwhile it is a functional department of Guiyang Municipal Government. The duties of Guiyang Meteorological Bureau are divided into three parts, namely, meteorological administrative management, basic meteorological service and meteorological science and technology information service. It comprises the following agencies: Meteorological Bureau, Office of Artificial Weather Modification, Office of Lightning Protection and Disaster Reduction, and Rural Comprehensive Economy Information Network Center. (hereinafter referred to: one bureau, two offices and one network) They are responsible for the meteorological administrative managementbasic meteorological serviceweather forecast service, artificial hail suppression and rain enhancement, meteorological disaster prevention and reduction and meteorological science and technology information, etc..