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General Survey

Guiyang Quality and Technical Supervision Administration
2009-08-10 14:18   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement national and provincial guidelines, policies, rules and regulations on quality and technical supervision; draft municipal rules and regulations on quality and technical supervision and organize the implementation; report the actual situation and put forward suggestion to the municipal government.

  2. Take charge of local quality inspection; investigate into and deal with according to law the quality-related illegal acts of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy commodities.

  3. Direct the quality development in the city; organize the implementation of Essentials of Quality Improvement and Opinions on Quality Improvement in Guizhou Province as well as local quality improvement plan and scheme formulated by the municipal government; participate in formulating quality improvement plan and carry out local brand name promotion; organize investigations into major accidents of product quality; supervise key raw materials and equipments; issue production license for industrial products and investigate and deal with the illegal production.

  4. Organize the publicity and implementation of standardization; organize the implementation of agricultural technical specifications; keep record of enterprise standards, register industrial product standards; investigate and deal with violations of standards; administer the registration code for organizations and bar code for commodities.

  5. Implement laws and regulations on measurement; manage and coordinate the work of measurement and implement the units of measurement provided for by national law; manage and oversee measurement standards and certified reference materials; organize the dissemination and tracing of the values of quantities; administer measuring instruments and investigate and tackle illegal activities; organize arbitrative examination and determination and mediate disputes over measurement.

  6. Oversee the safety monitoring work of special equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, gas cylinder, medical oxygen cabin, pressure pipelines, elevators, hoisting machinery, passenger cable, factory vehicles, large-scaled entertainment facilities and anti-blast electric apparatus; take charge of the training, examination and qualification of special operating personnel; formulate rules and regulations in this regard and organize the implementation.

  7. Formulate municipal development plans on quality and technical supervision; organize and coordinate industrial and professional quality and technical supervision; oversee publicity, education, science and technology and information related to municipal quality and technical supervision; implement the work of professional qualification; administer departments directly affiliated to the Bureau and direct the work of social organizations engaged in quality and measurement.

  8. Undertake other issues assigned by the provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the municipal government.