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General Survey

Guiyang Agriculture Office
2009-08-10 14:18   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Agriculture Office is a standing coordinative organ of the CPC Guiyang Committee and Municipal Government. It is responsible for tasks of the poverty relief and development, agricultural comprehensive development and basic farmland construction.

  1. Implement the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on agriculture, rural economy, poverty relief and development as well as agriculture integrated development made by the Party and the State; strengthen the relation between agriculture-involved departments and inform the CPC Committee and Government of the running situation of agriculture and rural economy and put forward suggestion on the rural economy development of the municipality.

  2. Study the development strategy, overall layout and industry policies on rural economy development of the municipality; participate in drafting the development plan and annual plan in this respect; coordinate and direct the operation of rural economy and participate in the agriculture production relief; take charge of the research and investigation of the industrialized operation of agriculture.

  3. Be acquainted with and report timely the important issues in agriculture and rural work; carry out research and investigation in this regard.

  4. Draft the implementation plan of poverty relief and development according to the Outline for Poverty-relief and Development in China in the 21st century and organize the enforcement; implement the program and decision made by the Province and Municipality on the poverty relief and development in the new stage; coordinate and solve the important problems in poverty relief and development.

  5. Draft the allocation plan for poverty relief fund and supervise the utilization of poverty relief fund and materials; take charge of the planning, initial examination and application of poverty relief program and stimulate social forces to participate in poverty relief; undertake the acceptance and service for the assistance project to Guiyang provided by other cities and participate in organizing the specially appointed assistance program undertaken by the departments under the Municipal Government.

  6. Draft the development plan and annual plan of agriculture comprehensive development; take charge of the implementation, supervision and tracing management; establish the management and maintenance system and coordinate in solving major problems in agricultural comprehensive development.

  7. Coordinate the financial department in managing special fund for agriculture comprehensive development.

  8. Organize the planning and measures of basic farmland construction as a form of work relief; undertake the planning, fund allocation, implementation and acceptance of basic farmland construction as a form of work relief assigned by the Province; coordinate the integration management of hills, water areas, farmland, forest and highway and rural infrastructure construction.

  9. Take charge of the planning of cured tobacco and resource management and coordinate the work of tobacco curing in the city; organize and direct the farmers’ technical training, “green certificate” training, poverty relief and development and agricultural comprehensive development training and comprehensive knowledge training of rural cadres as well as non-agricultural skill training.

  10. Participate in the rural grassroots Party organization construction, socialism cultural and ideological progress and democracy and legal system cultivation; coordinate the major issues in the construction and operation of rural economy information network.

  11. Take the lead in studying and drafting policies and measures on rural labor force employment transfer; allocate the training fund for labor employment transfer and take charge of various service management and information collection; put forward suggestion on major issues in the process of labor employment transfer and protection of legitimate rights; take charge of daily work in the labor employment training and transfer.

  12. Undertake the integration, coordination, guidance and service of socialism new rural construction.

  13. Take charge of the daily work related to the promotion of urban-rural integration in the municipality.

  14. Undertake other issues assigned by the Municipal Committee, Government and departments at higher level.