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General Survey

Guiyang Civil Air Defense Office
2009-08-10 14:19   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement the state guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on civil air defense and national defense transportation; draft local rules, regulations and specific implementation measure; take charge of the administration and enforcement of municipal civil air defense and national defense transportation; direct the administration and enforcement at district and county levels.

  2. Draft and implement the medium and long term development plan and annual plan of municipal civil air defense; draft and examine the plan of combining civil air defense construction with urban construction; examine and oversee the civil air defense content in the overall urban plan of the city; supervise and check the civil air defense construction of the whole city and important air raid targets important to the city's economy; take charge of the examination, supervision, acceptance and management of the building of air-raid shelters in the basements of buildings for civilian use and in the projects which combine civil air defense construction with urban construction; check the enforcement of underground development and exploitation in infrastructure of the city.

  3. Manage the civil air defense construction; organize, draft and implement the emergency plan for air raid, inhabitants’ evacuation and various safeguard schemes; be in charge of the establishment and building of communication and alarm network, municipal civil air defense constructions and the civil defense command; coordinate departments concerned to build up inhabitant evacuation bases.

  4. Take charge of the air raid alarm and blackout; organize the evacuation and concealment of inhabitants and war preparedness materials; participate in the air raid defense of key targets and city defense combat; clear up the air raid aftermath and coordinate departments concerned to re-establish normal production and order of daily life.

  5. Organize the exploitation and management of civil air defense constructions in peace time and wartime; oversee the measures to ensure the transfer between peace time and war time.

  6. Organize the publicity and education work about civil air defense; direct the establishment and training of the professional civil defense team; collaborate with relevant departments to organize air defense maneuvers and exercises and war-preparedness transportation exercise; fulfill relevant tasks of emergency service and disaster relief.

  7. Organize the dissemination and application of scientific and technological findings in civil air defense and national defense communication; organize the standardized management of civil air defense and the regularized construction of national defense communication.

  8. Plan the layout of national defense communication and put forward requirement and suggestion; collaborate with departments of communication, transportation and telecommunication to carry out the construction of national defense communication; participate in the surveying, designing, examining and acceptance of civil air defense construction; direct and inspect the local national defense affairs.

  9. Draft the safeguard scheme of national defense transportation of the city; guide relevant departments to establish backup team of national defense transportation; be responsible for the requisition of national traffic capacity; take charge of the reserve and deployment of national defense communication materials of the city according to the instructions of the central Party, Government and the Central Military Committee and ensure the communication for military actions and other emergency tasks.

  10. Formulate the purchase, reserve, management and use of national defense equipments; supervise the implementation of the reserve and renewal of war preparedness materials conducted by relevant departments and organize the deployment in peace time and war time as required.

  11. Coordinate relevant departments in mobilizing civil citizens, traffic capacity, war preparedness materials, professional safeguard teams and field medical care to support the combat of front army force according to the war time need.

  12. Coordinate the safety within the rocket debris predicted area in the city and the recovery of debris.

  13. Take charge of the collection, management and use of civil air defense basement construction fees; oversee and manage the raising and use of fund as well as assets for civil defense; draft the budget and final account for civil defense and war preparedness communication funds; organize the production and supply of professional equipment and appliances for civil defense.

  14. Conduct professional training and strengthen the establishment and management of professional civil defense team in government agencies and affiliated agencies.

  15. Direct, oversee and help the civil air defense and national defense at district and county levels.

  16. Undertake other issues assigned by the Municipal Committee, Municipal Government, Guiyang Garrison Command, Municipal National Defense Mobilization Commission and departments at higher level.