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General Survey

Guiyang Supervisory Bureau for Work Safety
2009-08-10 14:20   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Supervisory Bureau for Work Safety which is directly under the Municipal Government is mainly responsible for the safe production supervision of the city.

  1.        Administer comprehensively the work safety production of this Municipality; study, draft and formulate comprehensive local regulations, polices and rules on safe production and organize their implementation.

  2. Perform the duty of comprehensive supervision and management of work safety; guide, coordinate and supervise relevant departments in the management of work safety; formulate the development planning of work safety in the city; analyze and predict the trend of work safety of the city; study, coordinate and solve the major problems in the work safety.

  3. Undertake the routine work of the Office of Work Safety Committee. It has the followings specific duties: supervise, inspect, guide and coordinate the safe production of relevant departments in the city and county(citymunicipality) government; organize large-scale inspection and special supervision of work safety; study the work related to the relevant departments on industrial policies, capital input,technology development; be responsible for the organization and coordination of the investigation, and handling of major and extraordinarily serious production accidents; organize and coordinate emergency rescue operations of serious and large-scale industrial accidents; guide and coordinate the administrative enforcement of laws related to safe production; undertake the meetings and actives held by the municipal work safety committee; supervise and inspect the implementation of the decisions made by the Municipal Work Safety; undertake other matter assigned by the Municipal Work Safety Committee. 

  4. Be responsible for releasing information on the work safety of this Municipality; administer comprehensively the work of statistical report of production accidents of this municipality and analyze the administrive enforcement of work safety; organize and coordinate of the investigation, and handling of major and extraordinarily serious production accidents in accordance with law, propose accountability measures for the accidents and supervise the handling of the aftermath; organize and coordinate emergency rescue operations of industrial accidents.

  5. Supervise and manage the work safety of dangerous chemicals and fireworks in the city.

  6. Guide and coordinate the inspection of work safety in this city; supervise and inspect work safety conditions, the use of relevant equipment and facilities (excluding special equipment); confirm qualifications of non-governmental intermediary organizations involved in assessing, training, consulting, testing and examining work safety and supervise and inspect their work.  

  7. Organize and guide campaigns to raise people's awareness of work safety in the citycarry out training and evaluation programs on safe production; confirm qualifications of certified safety engineers; organize, guide and supervise the enforcement of safe production laws and regulations by special operators(excluding special operators) in the city; supervise and inspect the work of training on work safety of the operation units.

  8. Supervise the work and enforcement of work safety laws and regulations by business operators in the city; supervise the management of work safety conditions; the use of relevant equipment and facilities (excluding special equipment), materials and safety condition of protective apparatuses.

  9. Supervise and inspect the enforcement of the provision that security facilities of new, renovation and extension projects must be designed, built and put into use at the same time with the principal parts of the projects; check workplace sanitation, monitor major sources of danger and remove major potential hazard; investigate and deal with organizations that fail to provide safe working conditions according to law.

  10. Draft science and technology plans for work safety, and organize and guide major scientific research on work safety and the dissemination of new technologies.

  11. Be responsible for the issue and management of work safety license of the coal mines, mine enterprises and dangerous chemicals; supervise the work of obtaining the safe production license of the construction enterprises and the enterprises that manufacture civil explosive materials; make the review of matters which need to be approved(approvalauthorizationpermissionregistrationauthenticationlicense issuing) or inspected in accordance with regulations and stipulated conditions and procedures; manage other related administrative license matters.

  12. Be responsible for supervising the workplace sanitation of coal enterprises.

  13. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Committee and Government.