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General Survey

Guiyang Township Collective Industry Union
2009-08-10 14:20   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Township Collective Industry Union is a county-level institution directly under the Guiyang People’s Municipal Government.

  1. Publicize and implement guidelines, policies, laws and regulations concerning township collective economy work formulated by the Central Party, the State Council, Guizhou Province and Guiyang Municipality.

  2. Study and draft the development strategy and planning of township collective industry economy in this city as assigned by the Municipal Government; study and investigate the development situation and relevant policies of township collective industry economy in Guiyang; participate in drawing up policies and regulations concerning township collective economy and organize the theory symposium on collective economy.

  3. Uphold and implement the guidelines and policies concerning the reform of township collective enterprises formulated by the Municipal Committee and Government; carry out various practical realization models of the public ownership economy; promote the diversification of investment body and vigorously develop mixed ownership economy and gradually turn municipality-owned collective industrial enterprises into shareholding corporate with various economy components as sharing and holding equities; direct and push forward the restructuring of collective enterprises and improve the industrial technology.

  4. Organize the formulation and implementation of relevant rules and regulations on the Union; direct and enhance the development of unions at all levels in the municipality; provide township collective enterprises with policies, regulations, technologies, trainings, and information and consultation services.

  5. Supervise and manage the collective assets; formulate relevant indexes to examine and assess the maintenance and the increase of assets value of subordinate collective industrial enterprises; supervise its financial indexes like asset-liability ratio and profit and loss status to ensure the maintenance and the increase of assets value;  put forward suggestions and opinions on township collective industry enterprises to the Municipal Committee and Government and relevant departments and protect the legitimate rights and interests of township collective industry economic organizations.

  6. Direct the work of Party-building and ideological and political instruction in township collective industry enterprises; push forward the construction of material progress, political progress and spiritual progress of the enterprises; direct and coordinate the relevant work of the labor union, workers’ congress (shareholders’ congress) in the enterprises to safeguard the legal rights of employees; foster the democratic management in the enterprises and the transparence of enterprises’ affairs.

  7. Take charge of the survey, recommendation, employment, appointment and removal, evaluation and management of cadres in the enterprises of collective industry union; direct the work related to personnel affairs, payment, social security and human resources development in the collective industry union; organize the education and the training of employees.

  8. Perform other duties assigned by the Municipal Committee and Government and the departments at higher level.