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General Survey

Guiyang Archives Bureau
2009-08-10 14:21   

Main Functions:

  1. Implement the Archives Law of People’s Republic of China and relevant policies, regulations on archives administration formulated by the CPC Central Committee and Central Government; formulate local archives development plan, policies and regulations and organize the implementation; carry out unified planning and macro-management of the archives in the city.

  2. Supervise the archives undertaking in the local government agencies, organizations, public institutions and enterprises in the city (including districts and counties); investigate and tackle illegal archives activities.

  3. Draft the development plan of the archives-related personnel; organize and direct the publicity of archives administration, professional education and personnel training.

  4. Organize and direct the archives theory as well as science and research of archives; study and apply advanced science and technology to preserve and salvage archives; progressively achieve the standardization, regularization and modernization of archives management.

  5. Take charge of the unified management, acceptance, collection and sorting out of important archives and files from municipal government agencies, public institutions, social organizations, units directly affiliated to the government and part of the medium and large-sized state-owned enterprises; safeguard the national confidentiality and ensure the safety of archives and files.

  6. Open the archives and files to the public and provide service for the social utilization of archives resources in accordance with law; establish local catalog center and information network of archives according to the state requirement.

  7. Organize regional archives academic exchanges and archives cooperation in and outside the city and carry out the compilation and research of archives and historical records; guide and support the work of the Archives Association of Guiyang.

  8. Undertake other issues assigned by the CPC Guiyang Committee, Guiyang Municipal Government and departments at higher level.