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General Survey

Guiyang Tourism Bureau
2009-08-10 14:21   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Tourism Bureau is the general tourism department directly under the Municipal People’s Government and implements the administration duty in conformity with the laws.

  1. Implement the tourism development guidelines, policies, directions and decisions of the city, province, and central party; formulate policies to develop the city's tourism industry, make and implement medium-term plans and long- term plans as well as annual plans; conduct comprehensive balance and macro- management of the municipal tourism development.

  2. Advance the municipal tourism system reformation, expand the opening up scale to promote the two ultimate transformations of tourism and conglomeration trend of tourism enterprises; consolidate the management autonomy right of the tourism enterprises, supervise and check to keep or increase the value of the state assets of the directly governed enterprises and public institutions.

  3. Carry out the tourism regulations, industry norms and laws of the nation and province; formulate the measures and opinions of city's tourism management and put them into practice; participate in drafting and cooperating the municipal tourism policies and regulations concerning the finance, revenue, foreign exchange, price and so on. Charge the municipal tourism statistics task.

  4. Take charge of the general survey and planning of city touring resource; explore, use and protect the tour resources with the relevant departments; take charge of the special supervision and approval of the touring capital construction commanded by the province and municipal government; make the macroscopic direction and inspection of all the municipal tourist holiday zone(village) and other important touring construction programs

  5. Formulate and carry out the municipal plan of expanding the international and domestic tourism market; take charge of the city tour image publicity and participate in the main touring promotion events; guide the exploration of the major city touring products.  

  6. Promote the smooth and healthy development of domestic tourism market in accordance with the municipal, provincial or national guidelines and policies; enforce the policies and regulations of outbound travel and assist the relevant department in managing the city citizen's outbound travel issues.

  7. Manage the municipal touring foreign national issues and municipal foreign exchange and cooperation issues; Under its jurisdiction, assess, apply and manage the travel agency established by foreign organizations; take charge of the evaluation and declaration of outbound official trips of the personnel in tour system of the city; assist in relevant departments in reception issues of the city foreign tour reporters.

  8. Implement the line management about the directly governed enterprises and public institutions and assess and approve the declaration of the tourism enterprises by the relevant laws and regulations; assist in the relevant departments in issues of touring transportations and spot order, touring safety, traveling entertainments, touring product exploration, development and distribution.

  9. Strengthen the inspection of tour market by following the provincial and national tour service standard and skill level standard; supervise and inspect the tour service with the relevant departments; accept the domestic and foreign tour complaints to guard the just right of the travelers.

  10. Formulate the education training plan of the tourism personnel and carry out enforcement cooperating with the relevant departments; assist in the aptitude examination and evaluation of the tour personnel and tour profession competence.  

  11. Assist in touring finance, foreign exchange management and audition and validation task of the tour enterprises with the relevant departments; manage the tour development fund and quality deposit of the travel agency.

  12. Guide the tour task in county(city) and regions; take charge of the cadre personnel management of the tour departments and units directly under the Bureau; guide the management tasks concerning municipal labor salary statistics, spiritual culture improvement, touring schools, tour association and so on.

  13. Undertake other duties assigned by the superior project department, Municipal Government and Municipal Committee.