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General Survey

Guiyang Government Offices Administration
2009-08-10 14:22   

Main Functions:

  1. Study and draft local regulations, rules and working plans related with government offices administration in line with the state policies, laws, regulations and requirements and organize the implementation of the work in this respect.

  2. Administer the management of state-owned assets like house properties and equipments in central office areas.

  3. Mange the organization, coordination and supervision of logistics service in central office areas; sign service contracts with relevant enterprises (or personnel); supervise and undertake the fulfillment of the contracts in this respect.

  4. Supply the central office areas with water, power and heat and maintain the infrastructures and equipments in such areas; coordinate the construction and management of computer network in central office areas.

  5. Safeguard the security, comprehensive social peace and order, afforestation, environmental sanitation and traffic safety in central office areas.

  6. Administer the management of relevant meetings and reception rooms as well as logistics support.

  7. According to the relevant national regulations, timely, safely and confidentially print out all kinds of documents and files of institutions.

  8. Administer the management of catering, bath, and barbering of governmental officials and staff; take part in relevant reception work.

  9. Perform other duties assigned by the Municipal Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, Municipal Government, Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and Municipal Commission of Discipline Inspection.