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General Survey

Guiyang Vegetable Management Office
2009-08-10 14:22   

Main Functions

  1. Uphold and carry out the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on agriculture and rural economy development formulated by the Party and the state; conduct investigations and summarize experience and timely report the relevant issues to the Municipal Committee and Government; put forward suggestions concerning vegetable management.

  2. Study and draw up the development strategies, regulations, plans and implementation schemes of vegetable industry in Guiyang municipality and organize their implementation; set up the database of vegetable development; direct the industrial strategic restructuring and reasonable resource allocation.

  3. Administer the establishment and protection of vegetable bases in this city; be responsible for the restructuring of the layout of vegetable plots and the collection of development and construction fund of new vegetable plots; strengthen the macro control over the local vegetable production and distribution; instruct and coordinate the production and distribution among first line, second line and third line vegetable bases; ensure the balance of vegetable supply and demand as well as the improvement of vegetable quality.

  4. Deepen the reform of the operating system; study and draw up the relevant policies and measures concerning vegetable industrialized production to foster the integration of vegetable production, processing and distribution; direct and coordinate the establishment of vegetable information network; study, collect and release relevant information; establish a sound vegetable socialized service system; formulate and organize the implementation of the construction planning of vegetable market system; cultivate vigorously the leading vegetable processing enterprises of every variety and direct the reform of enterprises under the office.

  5. Control the vegetable seeds market and “three certificates” of seeds in accordance with relevant regulations in this municipality; examine and appraise the vegetable types and supervise the quality of vegetable seeds; cooperate with relevant departments to combat against the production and distribution of fake or inferior vegetable seeds; cooperate with relevant departments to examine and monitor vegetable quality; set up the examination and monitor system for pollution-free vegetable; implement the preparation for pollution-free vegetable industry and organize the project of “pollution-free vegetable”.   

  6. Draft the development planning for the scientific research, application, technical training and personnel building on vegetable production; organize the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating vegetable production through science and technology; direct and coordinate the absorption, experiment, pilot and promotion of new types, new technologies, new facilities and new rural investments concerning the municipality’s vegetable business as well as the extermination of disease and insect pest work; organize research efforts to tackle key problems in vegetable science; take part in the examination and appraisal of vegetable scientific achievements.

  7. Undertake other duties assigned by municipal committee or government and the relevant department at higher level.