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General Survey

Guiyang Intellectual Property Bureau
2009-08-10 14:23   

  Main Functions:

  Guiyang Intellectual Property Bureau is a public institution directly under Guiyang Municipal People's Government that has authorized the bureau with the municipal patent tasks, and the overall planning of the administration duties concerning the intellectual property rights issues.

  1. Implement the guidelines and policies and laws, rules and regulations related to patents; Draft and carry out the local rules, regulations on patents affairs and organize the implementation of municipal patent development plan.

  2. Organize the research related to city intellectual property rights strategy and other major issues relevant to intellectual property rights. Coordinate and guide the establishment of the protection and innovation system of the city intellectual property right.

  3. Study the trend of the domestic or international intellectual property rights development, make overall planning of the issues related to foreign intellectual property. Manage the city‘s intellectual property issues concerning foreign contact, cooperation and foreign violation handling and the communication events.

  4. Take charge of the law enforcement related to patent issues, settlement of the patent disputes, crackdown of the counterfeit and adulteration of patent; guide and regulate the patent law enforcement.

  5. Formulate the patent development plan; organize and guide the municipal exploitation, development and application, promoting the patent industrialization; guide the patent tasks of the state-run enterprises or units.

  6. Manage and guide the transmission, application and service related to patent innovation; initiate, operate and manage the Guiyang patent information database and service network.

  7. Take charge of the publicity and training tasks related to the municipal intellectual property rights; regulate and guide the intermediate agency service.

  8. Undertake other duties assigned by the Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and departments at higher level.