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General Survey

Guiyang Arbitration Commission
2009-08-10 14:24   

Main Functions:

  Guiyang Municipal Commission of Arbitration is the only arbitration institution of civil and commercial matters in Guiyang. It was established by Guiyang People’s Municipal Government in accordance with Arbitration Law of People’s Republic of China in August, 1996 after registered in Department of Justice of Guizhou Province. Experts and experienced workers of law and economy and commerce assume the position of the chief, the vice chief and committee members of the commission. About 200 experts and famous figures with advanced professional skills and good moral values from the fields of legal science, arbitration, commerce, finance, insurance, and city construction were invited to act as the arbitrators. Abiding by the principles of justice, legitimacy and high efficiency, the arbitration commission independently and lawfully carries out the arbitration activities without the interference of administrative institutions, social groups and individuals. It timely solves the civil and commercial contracts and other property rights and interests disputes among citizens, legal persons and other organizations on an equal basis. The formulated adjudication and conciliation documents are binding over all parties concerned and will be strictly enforced. The arbitration activities performed by this commission fully demonstrate the features of “independent and just, expert handling, compatible reconciliation and disputes solving, confidential and convenient, flexible and timely”.

  Guiyang Municipal Commission of Arbitration will ensure impartial and timely arbitration of economic disputes, protect the legal rights of all parties, and safeguard the sound development of socialist market economy. The specific businesses conducted by this commission include the procedure matters like the acceptance of arbitration cases, the delivery of arbitration documents, archives management, the collection and management of the arbitration fees as well as other matters prescribed by the Commission.   

  According to the Arbitration Law of PRC, disputes can be arbitrated by Guiyang Municipal Commission of Arbitration include the following:

  Disputes of sale-sell contracts, debt contracts, partnership and cooperation, construction project contracts, real estate development, housing sale and sell, lease, financing, contracting, financing and leasing contracts, project contracts, technology contracts, financial securities, insurance contracts and custody contracts etc.

  Disputes which won’t be accepted by Guiyang Municipal Commission of Arbitration include the following:

  1. Disputes of agriculture contracts arising in labor disputes or in the rural collective economic organizations.

  2. Disputes of marriage, adoption, custody, upbringing and inheritance.

  3. Disputes of administrative controversy.