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Guiyang Management Center for Housing Accumulative Fund (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Arbitration Commission (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Local Annals Office (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Intellectual Property Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Investment Promotion Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Vegetable Management Office (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Government Offices Administration (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Tourism Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Archives Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Township Collective Industry Union (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Supervisory Bureau for Work Safety (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Civil Air Defense Office (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Agriculture Office (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Quality and Technical Supervision Administration (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Supervisory Bureau for Food and Drugs (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Meteorological Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang State Taxation Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Local Taxation Bureau (2009-08-10)
Guiyang State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Co... (2009-08-10)
Jinyang New District Administration Committee (2009-08-10)
Guiyang Migration Development Administration (2009-08-10)
Administrative Divis...
 In 2006, Guiyang was divided into 6 urban districts, one city, 3 counties, 1 high-tech industry dev...
Geographic Location
Sitting from 106°07′ to '107°17′east longitude and from 26°11′to27°22′ north latitude, Guiyang neigh...
Historical Transform...
During the Spring and Autumn Period, Guiyang was originally under the jurisdiction of Zangke Country...